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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get thee to an editor

I've read a couple of self-pubbed works recently, although I didn't make it all the way through either. One of them had what could be an intriguing story, but bad writing (especially a profusion of dialog tags) spoiled it for me. The second had good writing but was riddled with typos and punctuation errors.
I know that I can always find some way to improve my drafts each time I edit them. But I'm way too close to my own work. When the time comes, and if choose to self-publish, I'll be looking for the services of an editor, even though I have over 15 years of professional editing experience.

I believe this is the main reason why self-publishing gets a bad reputation. This, and some other pitfalls, are outlined in a great article by Melissa Foster and Amy Edelman.
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Terri said...

A number of RevGals are published authors and have done editing for others, one of them may be able to help you. I am no editor....or I would offer.

kdoyle said...

That's a great idea, thanks for mentioning it. Once I get the rest of the stories done, it'll be time.

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