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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The return of BlogPress

I've been neglecting the blog, as usual. At least BlogPress for iPad is working again, so now I have even less of an excuse for not posting.

I'm still editing my collection of short stories. Although I have a ways to go, I've begun pondering the inevitable question: indie publisher or self-pub? No answers as yet...feel free to chime in with your suggestions.

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Terri said...

I've never tried to publish, so I have no idea about indie or self. But in reading others it seems people work both angles and see which works out best - submit, and then if that doesn't fly, self publish?

Will try blogpress again.

What are you up to for Lent?

kdoyle said...

Yes, a lot of authors are trying both channels simultaneously. If I had more time, I might even give trad publishing a shot, but...

Stratoz said...

best of luck with the route. Probably no perfect path, so maybe a coin flip could make for a quick imperfect decision

kdoyle said...

Thanks--my Lenten resolution is to write more and worry about publishing less :)

Stratoz said...

a fine Lenten resolution. I just blogged about mine

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