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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fight censorship--read a banned book!

This week has seen a major kerfluffle in the publishing industry, lead by online bookstore Kobo and (in the UK) WH Smith.

It all started when Kobo, in an extreme overreaction to some "objectionable" titles among its self-published books, decided to take down all self-published titles from its catalog. WH Smith shortly followed suit.

The line between objectionable content and censorship is often blurry, but what incensed many authors is that self-published books were specifically targeted. This means, for example, that you can no longer purchase Bombay Bhel on Kobo, but Fifty Shades of Grey and erotica of various stripes are still widely available because they're sold by one of the big traditional publishers.

So, please help fight censorship and purchase a banned book: Buy Bombay Bhel on Amazon today :)

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