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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catching up

If anyone is still reading this blog, besides Ukrainian bots (see pic), you have my undying gratitude. The last few months have not been conducive to blogging, or any form of writing. I'm beginning to reclaim my life, though, and have a few things planned for this space:
  • Excerpts from Bombay Bhel
  • Additional content that I'd planned to write as interludes for the stories but never quite made it into the book
  • Trivia, contests, and giveaways
  • Updates on work in progress: another potential collection of short fiction, or a novella series
  • Blog interviews and guest posts, with a focus on Indian fiction
  • And, of course, the usual musings on all things literary
Thanks for sticking around (unless you're a bot…)!

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