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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bombay Bhel: Choose a cover

Almost two years in the making, Bombay Bhel will be out by the end of February. It's time to decide on a cover, so I thought I'd ask for help. Please vote on one of the options below by entering a comment.


A schoolboy’s loyalty to a street vendor is tested when the vendor disappears without notice.  After a setback that threatens more than just his livelihood, a shopkeeper struggles to make ends meet. Two college classmates reunite and launch a new venture to meet an urgent need.

Like the city’s ubiquitous snack food, Bombay Bhel  blends a variety of ingredients to serve up glimpses of life among the Goan and Anglo-Indian communities—minorities in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.  The interlinked stories are set in the late twentieth century, before a wave of anticolonialism crested across India and resulted in the city’s rechristening. Each story in this debut collection offers a taste of the rhythm and verve of Bombay life.

(click on the cover images to enlarge them)

Cover #1

Cover #2
Cover photography by Christian Haugen


Laura said...

Love #2. More action, draws the reader in.

Jennette said...

Cover #2. It is eye catching. and like Laura said, it draws the reader in.

epibio said...

I too prefer #2 but with a different font for the title and smaller type size at the bottom.

epibio said...

I also like # 2 but with a different font for the title and smaller type size for the "Cover photo..."

kdoyle said...

Thanks, all. I have rationales for both covers but didn't want to influence the vote.

Also, just to clarify, the white borders are part of the blog interface and not part of the covers.

Anonymous said...

I like the first one. The simplicity is sort of brave and it catches my eye better.

Stratoz said...

I also lean towards the first... But wish the plate was just a bit larger

Anonymous said...

I'll take #2, Ken.

Terri said...

I am more drawn to #2, although #1 might be okay if the color were not orange (that's the color on my computer) and if the plate of food was larger?

kdoyle said...

Thanks, all. I did have a "white album" version of the first concept originally. However, based on opinion here and elsewhere, the clear majority favors #2, so we have a winner!

Richard Wintle said...

I am terribly late to the party, but I would have voted for #2 as well, putting me in the winning camp. ;)

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