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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Indie authors, united

With the current explosion of self-published books, it's never too early to start thinking about promoting a book. Just like anything else for sale, there are many ways to go about doing this. I've started putting together a marketing plan for mine.

While doing some research (aka Googling), I found an interesting blog post by M G Edwards about Wikipedia and its treatment of indie authors. Edwards also happened to mention some good sites for indie authors, two of which I'm familiar with from other sources.

They are:

Which indie author groups do you like, and why?


Angela Ackerman said...

Will check that link...thanks!

I like indie authors who support one another and don't promote aggressively. The ones who do, I won't even look at their books. There is too much noise out there as is, so there is no sense in adding to it in such an in-your-face way, am I right? All authors should think of the value they can give readers, not how they can try and get sales with the least amount of effort possible.

kdoyle said...

I agree about the aggressive promotion. That's happening to a lot of groups on LinkedIn, unfortunately.

Richard Wintle said...

Interesting link there. I wonder what loophole of (presumably U.S.) law lets a not-for-profit like Wikipedia carry a huge surplus forward year by year?

And I hear that writer loud and clear on Wikipedia and its policies regarding reputable sources. A bit ironic since it is currently the best source on the internet for information related to pop culture, an area that is (a) typically under- or not-at-all-served by traditional encyclopedias, and (b) usually based on information sources that Wikipedia should consider to be non-authoritative.


kdoyle said...

Richard, I believe non-profits can actually make a "profit" as long as it's not distributed to the officers or shareholders. As long as it's from activities related to the nonprofit's charter, it's not taxable.

Then again, I'm neither a lawyer nor an accountant :)

I do find Wikipedia useful for some types of research, like when writing fiction. It's a good starting point, anyway.

Richard Wintle said...

Oh, I use Wikipedia all the time, too. Doesn't everyone? ;)

I do remember that it once told me that the top speed of a Ferrari F430 is 1,000 miles per hour, though.

Stratoz said...

I am so looking forward to reading your book. Promote it as it feels right in your heart and soul. It is a struggle at times as we try to promote our art, and with that shameless plug, let me get back to saying I have been hoping you success for years and look forward to the fruits of your spirit being published.

kdoyle said...

Thanks! It looks like it will be some time in February at this point. I'm looking forward to seeing the book on Amazon.

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