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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I haven't written any flash fiction for a while, but one piece that I wrote over a year ago is now published in the latest issue of BĂȘte Noire magazine. I admit that it's one of my favorites, partly because it's much closer to reality than any of my other speculative stories.

You can read another of my favorites over at Yahoo! Voices; this one was a lot of fun to write, because I decided to experiment with a rarely used second-person voice.

The thing is, writing flash fiction is way harder than it looks. You need all the elements of a "normal" short story, wrapped in a tightly cohesive bundle of less than a thousand words. Still, I may get back to doing some more of it in between editing my WIP.

And, in case you haven't guessed by now, I do like writing dark stories.

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Terri said...

ahh, looks like I have to place an order to read what you wrote on bet noire, but I could read the Yahoo piece - yes! I like it, very intriguing.

kdoyle said...

Sorry, I should have indicated that Bete Noire was a magazine for purchase. I may put some of my flash fiction here on the blog at some point.

Stratoz said...

just read the Yahoo piece. It pulled me to the end, so I guess you did well. Congrats on being published.

digillette said...

Congrats on the publications! Just read the Yahoo piece! Creepy and intriguing! Nice work!

kdoyle said...


An editor, who ended up rejecting Corrigendum, called it "deliciously creepy". I'm glad to have that confirmed :)

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