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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I can't write steampunk...yet

I've read a handful of steampunk novels over the years but never really got into the genre. That all changed when my favorite YA author started a steampunk trilogy.

I was hooked from the first few pages of the first volume, Leviathan. I just finished the final volume and enjoyed it as much as the first. Westerfeld does an amazing job weaving an alternate history around the latter part of WWI, and proves his versatility as an author: from Uglies to Midnighters to Leviathan.

The thing about writing steampunk (or, at least, writing it well) is that you need to know and research a lot of history. And history wasn't my strongest subject in school. Most of my interest is related to prehistory, with the evolution and dispersal of humans being a big part of it; it's hard to write steampunk in that era. Straight science fiction would probably work, though.

At the moment, I can barely find time to write, so intensive research has had to take a back seat. If I were writing 8 hours a day, on the other hand, maybe...

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Terri said...

I've never even heard of the genre....but I do like history!

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