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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogging on the iPad

It's been a very busy week. For lack of time, I'm linking to a recent article of mine from Y!CN, which describes my experience with Blogpress.


Terri said...

ok, now I know what I need to get to enable my iPad to work more effectively with blogging.

However, I still need to figure out a way to put my sermon on the iPad in such a way that I can turn pages instead of scrolling, which tends to get a little wonky on a SUnday morning when I'm trying to preach. iWord doesn't seem to have an option to turn pages instead of scroll....and I don't like the yellow lined pages on the notes app that comes with the iPad....any thoughts?

kdoyle said...

You could try saving your file as a PDF from Word on your computer, and then opening it in iBooks on the iPad.

Terri said...

That's a good idea! Thanks!

Terri said...

Ok, it works tom save it in a PDF and use it ini books! Now I'm learning to use the blogpress Ll! Fun stuff!

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