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Saturday, May 21, 2011

More on content farms

While researching content farms, I found a thought-provoking blog post by Matt Gratt:  Content Farms, Performance Publishing, and the Future of Online Media. One of the first points that he makes is that "content farm" is a somewhat demeaning term; he prefers "performance publishing".

Whatever you might think of these sites, it's clear that they've made a huge impact on traditional publishing, in much the same way that the iTunes music store impacted the traditional music production industry. A lot has been said regarding the quality of content generated by this type of publishing, but Matt makes the point that:
...a preponderance of re-written garbage will make the well researched, well written stories rise to the top. If anything, more Demand Media-esque content will make the New York Times stick out more. 
As mentioned in my previous post, I recently started writing for Yahoo Associated Content. It's more of an experiment than anything else, at this stage. It should be interesting to watch the evolution of the industry, though.


Stratoz said...

welcome back to blogging. Good luck with your writing. have you seen oneword.com? you may have fun there.

kdoyle said...

Thanks for the tip...oneword.com looks like a fun way to keep the writing skills sharp!

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